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A scene is a logical consolidation of related content.

A video can consist of multiple scenes. These scenes are concatenated together. Think of them as slides on a presentation. Each scene is meant to aggregate and encapsulate related content.

Scenes offer a lot of convenience in timing their content, however it is completely up to the individual to decide how to divide the content into scenes.

Scene properties

name-NostringAn optional name of the scene
duration-NonumberAn explicit duration for this scene in milliseconds. Anything longer will be cut out
intrinsicDurationTrackReference-NostringThe scene can be set to be as long as one of its tracks, by referencing it here
tracks-YesTrack[]The tracks in this scene (any type). The order decides how the tracks overlap.

Good practices

  • Don't have large scenes, rather use multiple smaller ones.
  • Greetings and goodbye-s should be in their own separate scenes.
  • Subject changes or a larger shift in content indicate that a new scene should be started.
  • Use multiple scenes with seamless concatenation to conveniently divide the video into logical parts without cuts between them.
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